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Thanks to our SIMONA® PE 100 FM-Line Pipes and Fittings for firefighting water supply, we are the first plastics producer worldwide to offer FM-approved pipes and fittings in diameters of up to 630 mm.

We are pleased to announce three key enhancements to our SIMOWOOD sheets. The range now includes a sheet product that has been sanded on one side as well as a low flammability design. In addition, SIMOWOOD’s slip resistance has now been certified to the highest category possible.

Our bio-based plastic SIMOGREEN PLA is also creating a stir. This highly versatile material offers maximum precision as a filament in 3D printing, while its excellent processability and high-quality look make it ideal for applications such as the manufacture of milled casings for electronic labels.

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SIMONA® PE 100 FM-Line – Pipes and fittings for firefighting water supply
SIMOWOOD – Extended range and new certification
SIMOGREEN PLA Filament – For maximum precision in 3D printing
Case study: SIMOGREEN PLA-HT – Sustainable solution for manufacturing milled housings for electronic labels
SIMONA® PE 100 FM-Line – Pipes and fittings for firefighting water supply
FM Global (Factory Mutual) is the world’s largest industrial insurance company specialising in property and plant insurance. When it comes to testing the internal and external loading capabilities of products, it has defined very exacting standards that go beyond the requirements of national testing and certification bodies.

Reduce costs with SIMONA® PE 100 FM-Line
Many industrial companies that use underground piping systems to supply firefighting water to protect their buildings are increasingly demanding FM-approved piping systems. Products with FM certification meet the highest quality and safety standards, so using them can substantially reduce the costs associated with building insurance.

Compared with piping systems in other materials, PE piping systems have exceptional properties that make them ideal for firefighting water supply. Offering excellent corrosion resistance, durability and cost effectiveness, the SIMONA® PE 100 FM-Line range is the perfect choice for underground firefighting water supply.
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SIMOWOOD – Extended range and new certification
SIMOWOOD sheets made of Resysta® now offer processors, architects, designers and exhibition stand specialists even more creative options.

One of the special features of SIMOWOOD is that the sanded sheets look and feel like wood. With this in mind, we are now supplying SIMOWOOD sanded on one side as standard.

The range now also includes 4 to 8 mm thick sheets with low flammability to meet the specifications of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). SIMOWOOD IMO therefore complies with all the conditions for use in shipbuilding as a material for bulkheads, walls, ceilings, linings and floor coverings.

The anti-slip properties of SIMOWOOD in wet barefoot areas have been tested in accordance with DIN 51097 and certified as Classification Group C, the highest category of slip resistance. This test certificate now also confirms the suitability of SIMOWOOD for use in wellness and wet areas such as swimming pool perimeters or as flooring in shipbuilding applications.
SIMOGREEN PLA Filament – For maximum precision in 3D printing

With its SIMOGREEN PLA Filaments, SIMONA is offering a reliable consumable for 3D printers in proven SIMONA quality made in Germany.

As they are easy to process, filaments made of the bio-based plastic PLA (polylactide) are particularly suitable for 3D printing. Thanks to the informed choice of raw material, systematic adjustment of the formula and comprehensive testing, SIMONA has developed a PLA filament of outstanding and, above all consistent, material quality.

Excellent properties
PLA boasts high rigidity and good adhesion. In addition, 3D models in PLA can be easily bonded and painted. PLA-HT exhibits higher heat resistance and much better notched impact strength than standard PLA.

The small filament diameter and very narrow tolerances ensure good printability even in the case of complicated geometries. To achieve an optimum printing result, we take great care to ensure quality when producing the filaments and winding them onto the spools.
Case study: SIMOGREEN PLA-HT – Sustainable solution for manufacturing milled housings for electronic labels
Our customer e-inductive GmbH & Co. KG was looking for a suitable material to manufacture the milled housings for its electronic labels.

As an alternative to ABS filament, the company wanted to produce its milled casings using an easy-to-process, high-quality plastic with excellent rigidity and impact strength and an attractive appearance. The sustainability of the material was also a very important aspect for e-inductive.

At this point in time, SIMONA had successfully completed its first production trials with the new PLA-HT material and was able to provide e-inductive with a sample sheet material that precisely matched the properties required.
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