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As the year draws to a close we have given our a new look. However, you may rest assured that the contents are as interesting as usual.

We have extended our range of seamless pipe bends from the Pipes and Fittings product line to include the sizes d 710 to 1000 mm. This makes us the only manufacturer in Europe to offer complete systems comprising pipes, fittings and seamless bends in these dimensions.

You will also learn about the benefits of our alpha-nucleated polypropylene compared with standard PP types and how Adam Opel AG is exploiting these characteristics for the electrical insulation of car body parts.

Construction of our new Technology Centre at SIMONA’s headquarters in Kirn is progressing well. This new facility will deliver further innovative momentum as we move into 2015.

In this spirit we would like to wish you an enjoyable read, a happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year.
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SIMONA® Seamless Bends in new sizes
Case study: SIMONA® PP AlphaPlus® in use at Adam Opel AG
Expertise in plastics: What is nucleation?
New Technology Centre provides greater scope for innovation
Seamless. Flawless. Enormous. – Seamless pipe bends in new sizes
To complement the company’s PE 100 pressure pipes, seamless pipe bends are now also being produced in the size range d 710 mm to 1000 mm, making SIMONA the first thermoplastics manufacturer worldwide to offer seamless bends up to this size.

Thanks to their optimum radius of r~1.5 d, the seamless bends have excellent hydraulic properties and offer a total of 31% less calculated pressure loss than segment-welded bends. Another impressive feature is that even the largest bend (90°, d 1000 mm) can be transported in a standard truck or shipping container, avoiding additional costs.

Potential areas of application for large bends are in pressure pipes (e.g. wastewater disposal, drinking water supply), in the energy sector (e.g. mining, cooling water piping) and in water treatment plants.

Thanks to the low-stress processing method, the seamless pressed pipe bends have very high dimensional accuracy. There is no need for additional brackets or similar stabilisers for transport and storage. With an angular tolerance of ±2°, SIMONA® Seamless Bends offer the best dimensional stability within the market – over the entire range.

The entire range of SIMONA® Seamless Bends comprises the sizes d 32 to 1000 mm. In SDR 17 they are available from d 32 to 1000 mm in pressure rating PN 10 and in SDR 11 from d 32 to 800 mm in pressure rating PN 16. Both SDR classes include the established radii 11° to 90°.
Lining of a cathodic electrocoating system with SIMONA® PP AlphaPlus® for Adam Opel AG
Premiere at Opel: For the first time, an existing continuous flow steel cathodic system for electrocoating of car body parts was lined with plastic. The material chosen was SIMONA® PP AlphaPlus®.

In the cathodic electrocoating (CEC) process, the entire car bodyshell is placed in a tank with liquid paint to protect it from corrosion. To ensure stability, the tanks are made of steel.

Maximum safety in electrical insulation
To electrically insulate the steel tank from the electrophoretic coating, the tank is normally lined inside with a fibreglass-reinforced laminate. Thanks to its chemical resistance, high stability and rigidity and ease of processing, SIMONA® PP AlphaPlus® provided a convincing alternative. In addition, SIMONA® PP AlphaPlus® does not contain any substances detrimental to paint adhesion and offers a long service life.
Expertise in plastics: Nucleation
Nucleation is the systematic influencing of the crystalline microstructure of thermoplastics during the cooling process by adding crystallisation nuclei.

Nucleation agents increase the rate and degree of crystallisation and cause the polymer melt to solidify sooner. As a result, the diameter of polypropylene spherulites is reduced, which has a crucial influence on the mechanical and thermal properties of the semi-finished product.

Appropriate nucleation reduces shrinkage, distortion, post-crystallisation and inherent stresses, and as a result enhances the processing properties of the semi-finished product. In the case of polypropylene, different crystalline forms can also develop during solidification.

Suitable nucleation agents can be used to systematically adjust the alpha or beta crystalline modification.
New Technology Centre provides greater scope for innovation
Courtesy of its new Technology Centre, SIMONA is laying the foundations for new products and market activities. Since the ground-breaking on 11 February 2014, decisive progress has been made on the building project at the site of Plant II in Kirn.

The Technology Centre consists of a 1200 m² production facility and a four-storey administration block for laboratory and development. As the final installation works on the production building near completion, this means that a major element of the complex has already been built in full. The test machinery for the production of extruded sheets has also been largely installed, so that the first production trials can be performed before the end of the year.

The respective plant technology offers countless options for processing new materials such as various high-performance thermoplastics with processing temperatures of around 400°C. These include in particular fluorinated materials such as PVDF, E-CTFE and PFA for chemical applications or mechanically efficient materials like PPs for aerospace applications. The Technology Centre gives SIMONA more innovative capacity for developing new products and exploiting new areas of application.
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